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    Ilana Cravitz • klezmer • baroque/classical • ceilidh

London International Klezmer Experience

26-29 July 2020 LIKE 2020 Online (Zoom) Festival
Classes * Jamming * Concerts * Professional Skills * Dancing * KlezCafé

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Festival Programme
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(Room 1)

27, 28, 29 July for all
Session 1

Yiddish for Klezmorim
Vivi Lachs

06:00-06:30 California
08:00-08.30 Chicago, Quito
09:00-09.30 NY
10:00-10:30 Sao Paulo
14:00-14.30 UK
15:00-15:30 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
16:00-16:30 Helsinki, Moscow
23:00-23:30 Melbourne, Sydney

(Room 1)

27, 28, 29 July for all
Session 2
Klezmer Dance for Musicians & Dancers - a New Approach

Christina Crowder

06:45-07:15 California
08:45-09:15 Chicago, Quito
09:45-10:15 NY
10:45-11:15 Sao Paulo
14:45-15:15 UK
15:45-16:15 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
16:45-17:15 Helsinki, Moscow
23:45-00:15 Melbourne, Sydney

27, 28, 29 July
Sessions 3, 4, 5
Choice of classes & workshops (see below for more info).

All day Klezcafé (Room 4)

You're welcome to move between classes or hang out in the festival cafe.

Got something to share? Curate your own event in the break after Session 5.

Dancers and other non-playing participants are welcome everywhere.

'Wild Tanz Klezfest 2019 by David Paskett

Session 3

(Room 1)

Mon, Tue, Wed
Playing klezmer: language & accent (medium)

Kurt Bjorling

(Room 2)

Mon, Tue, Wed
Playing Klezmer Dance Music
(more advanced)
Dancing encouraged!

Alicia Svigals

(Room 3)

Marketing: Media & Strategies

Esther Tewkesbury & Gary Lancaster

Middle Voice Playing

Dan Blackberg

The Benefits of Expanded Harmony and Orchestration
Michael Winograd

07:30-08.45 California
09:30-10.45 Chicago, Quito
10:30-11:45 NY
11:30-12.45 Sao Paulo
15:30-16:45 UK
16:30-17:45 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
17:30-18:45 Helsinki, Moscow
00:30-01:45 Melbourne, Sydney
Session 4

(Room 1)

Playing Klezmer: Language & Accent

Jeff Warschauer

(Room 2)

Playing Klezmer Dance Music
Dancing encouraged!

Merlin Shepherd

(Room 3)

Playing Klezmer Flute

Adrianne Greenbaum

Pitching an Idea / Applying for Funding

Frank London & Francesca Ter-Berg

Eatala - A Life in Klezmer
Susan Hoffman Watts

09:00-10.15 California
11:00-12.15 Chicago, Quito
12:00-13:15 NY
13:00-14.15 Sao Paulo
17:00-18:15 UK
18:00-19:15 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
19:00-20:15 Helsinki, Moscow
02:00-03.15 Melbourne, Sydney
Session 5

(Room 1)

Mon, Tue, Wed
Playing Klezmer: Language & Accent
(more advanced)

Deborah Strauss

(Room 2)

Mon, Tue, Wed
Playing Klezmer Dance Music

Ilya Shneyveys
with special guest Sarah Myerson on Monday & Weds (dance)

(Room 3)

Klezmer Drumming for Dance
Guy Schalom

Klezmer Dance: Steps and Style (& Beyond)
Avia Moore

Broadcasting Live music Online with Good Sound

Tahir Palali

10:30-11.45 California
12:30-13.45 Chicago, Quito
13:30-14:45 NY
14.30-15.45 Sao Paulo
18:30-19:45 UK
19:30-20:45 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
20:300-21:45 Helsinki, Moscow
03:30-04:45 Melbourne, Sydney

Mon, Tue, Wed
BREAK (Café)

XTRA sessions (20 mins each):

Monday 27 July in Room 1: Hear about IMJ Brazil's 'Bubbe Awards' for New Jewish & Yiddish Music, then learn a Yiddish song. (Nicole & Edgar Borger - Brazil)

Tuesday 28 July in Room 1: Klezssidic Konvergence: Finding chasidic dance tunes in the klezmer repertoire (Jordan Hirsch, trumpet - USA)

Weds 29 July in Rooom 1: Touring a Band (Ilana Cravitz - UK)

11:55-12:25 California
13:55-14.25 Chicago, Quito
14:55-15.25 NY
15.55-16.25 Sao Paulo
19.55-20:25 UK
20:55-21:25 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
21:55-22:25 Helsinki, Moscow
04:55-05:25 Melbourne, Sydney
Session 6


(Room 1)

Mon, Tue, Wed
(more advanced)
Dancing encouraged

Francesca Ter-Berg (cello)

(Room 2)

Mon, Tue, Wed
(medium speed)
Dancing encouraged

Peter Sint Nicolaas (trumpet)

(Room 3)

Mon, Tue, Wed
Slow jam

Josh Middleton (accordion)

12:30-13.15 California
14:30-15.15 Chicago, Quito
15:30-16:15 NY
16:30-17.15 Sao Paulo
20:30-21:15 UK
21:30-22:15 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
22:30-23:15 Helsinki, Moscow
05:30-06:15 Melbourne, Sydney

(Concert Hall)

Mon, Tue, Weds
Klezmer Concerts

See main festival page for details

N.B. Mon & Tues: Zoom room opens 15 mins past the hour; concerts start 30 mins past the hour. Artist chat from end of concert in zoom room for 15-30 mins.

Festival farewell and (rescheduled) Josh 'Socalled' Dolgin concert

13:30-14.45 California
15:30-16.45 Chicago, Quito
16:30-17:45 NY
17:30-18:45 Sao Paulo
21:30-22:45 UK
22:30-23:45 Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
23:30-00:45 Helsinki, Moscow
06:30-07:45 Melbourne, Sydney

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An A-Z of the faculty including classes & times
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Adrianne Greenbaum

Workshop Playing Klezmer Flute 27 July, Session 4

Be that special klezmer flautist! A very special workshop with the world's leading klezmer flautist. Adrianne Greenbaum will get into the nitty gritty of klezmer flute playing, going way beyond note-reading. You'll work with her to incorporate some traditional “accessories” (fine shmeers, krekhts, the boyp), and learn 'improvised' figures that can be judiciously employed to enhance a phrase or entire tune. Monday 27 July, 12-1.15pm EST, 9:00-10:15 Pacific time; 5-6.15pm in London.

Adrianne Greenbaum is the foremost purveyor and revivalist of the klezmer flute tradition today, returning the instrument to its rightful historical position in the history of klezmer.  Quoted as being a “A National Treasure”, she is a highly regarded and acclaimed flutist performing on modern and historical instruments of the 18th and 19th centuries. She is Professor of Flute at Mount Holyoke College where she also directs the 5-College klezmer band. She is in demand as a clinician at colleges and universities where studios are interested in branching out beyond their classical walls. Greenbaum has been on festival faculties of Klezkamp, Klezkanada, Boxwood, as well as New England Adult Music Camp where she directs the large klezmer band. klezmerflute.com

Alicia Svigals

Course Playing Klezmer Dance Music (more advanced) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 3 (see schedule above)

Alicia Svigals helped found and co-led the Klezmatics, and spearheaded the klezmer fiddle revival with her 1995 album “Fidl”.  She recently released her CD “Beregovski Suite” with pianist Uli Geissendoerfer. aliciasvigals.com  

Avia Moore

Course Klezmer Dance: Steps & Style (and beyond) 28 July, Session 5 (see schedule above)

Whether you are a new dancer or have been dancing for years, examining the building blocks of our dances will improve your dancing! This workshop will break down steps and style of klezmer dance (also called Yiddish dance). With plenty of opportunity to move as well as time to talk about context, Avia will look at freylekhs, bulgars, and zhoks - and maybe more! For all levels.

Avia Moore has joyfully taught and led Yiddish dance at festivals and events transcontinentally. She is a PhD Candidate in Theatre and Performance Studies at York University (Canada); her research examines the ways in which heritage and traditional cultural practices are performed on modern stages and in contemporary life. aviamoore.com

Christina Crowder
Accordion / dance

Course Klezmer Dance for Musicians - a New Approach 27, 28, 29 July, Session 2 (see schedule above)

Christina's hands- and feet-on course matches the dancing feet to the playing hands via the brain, helping to give your playing a truly danceable feel that comes from a deeper understanding of the mechanics of four of the fundamental klezmer dance forms: freylekhs, bulgar, khosidl, and zhok.

Christina Crowder began performing and researching Jewish music in Budapest, Hungary in 1993, continuing with a Fulbright grant to Romania to document Jewish music in 1999. She is Operations Director of the Klezmer Institute and performs with her klezmer quartet Bivolita as well as making regular appearances with Michael Winograd and the Honorable Mentschen, the Goldenshtayn Kompaniye, and the Dave Levitt Klezmer Trio. bivolita.com


Dan Blacksberg


Workshop Middle Voice Playing 28 July, Session 3 (see schedule above)

Come and explore klezmer's middle voice with trombonist Dan Blacksberg. We'll learn about the single-note accompaniment played my the trombones, saxes and others in klezmer music as it's played for dancing. we'll dive into classic and modern lines to play inside our Freylekhs, our Bulgars, our Zhoks, and even our Terkishers. We'll get into the rhythmic nuances of the grooves, and try out about different approaches to single note accompaniment.

Philadelphia-native Dan Blacksberg has created a singular musical voice as a trombonist, composer, and educator. One of the foremost practitioners of klezmer trombone and a respected voice in jazz and experimental music, Dan is known for a formidable virtuosity and versatility. This has led to performances with artists such klezmer masters as Elaine Hoffman Watts and Adrienne Cooper, and experimentalists like Anthony Braxton and extreme doom metal band The Body. Dan currently teaches jazz and klezmer at Temple University, and coordinates the Instrumental and Dance programs at Yiddish New York with Deb Strauss. He also makes the Radiant Others Klezmer Podcast. danblacksberg.com.

Deborah Strauss
Violin / Voice

Course Playing Klezmer: Language and Accent (more advanced) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 5 (see schedule above)

Deborah Strauss is an internationally acclaimed klezmer violinist, educator and dancer who has been active in the klezmer and Yiddish music scene for over 30 years. She is a member of the Strauss/Warschauer Duo, was a long-time member of the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and has performed with the Klezmatics. She has appeared on numerous recordings and was featured in the Emmy Award-winning film, Itzhak Perlman: In the Fiddler's House. Deborah has performed across North America and throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and Israel. She leads workshops and classes annually at the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow, Yiddish Summer Weimar, Yiddish New York and KlezKanada. Along with Alan Bern, Deborah is the author of Klezmer Duets for Violin and Accordion, published in 2017 by Universal Edition, Vienna.

Esther Tewkesbury & Gary Lancaster

Workshop Marketing: Media & Strategies 27 July, Session 3 (see schedule above)

Websites, facebook, Tik-Tok, Instragram, Twitter, spotify, youtube, bandcamp…. There’s a bewildering array of possibilities for getting your message and products out. Esther & Gary will take you through the options, outlining what each offers in terms of audience, and the demands in terms of content and regularity. They’ll give pointers on how to develop a strategy, depending on your goal (e.g. album launch, building community, ongoing engagement), and discuss when it’s worth paying for advice, advertising & content vs what you can do yourself.

Esther Tewkesbury began her career in music retail back in the 90's, working at both Virgin and HMV flagship stores and was the buyer for specialities music. She continued her sales career at Proper Music Distribution and then moved into label management for both the label and distribution arms of the company. She moved on to Kartel in 2016 where she is the Director of Physical Sales & Distribution. Esther also manages a leftfield folk band called Stick In the Wheel.

Gary Lancaster started his career at Warner Music International in 2007, eventually ending up at ADA (Warner Music Artist & Label Services). His career thus far has seen him serve as General Manager of two high profile independent record labels / management companies before finding his way back to the Artist Services sector in 2019.


Fiona Frank
Technical Co-ordinator

Technical Co-ordinator 26, 27, 28, 29 July


Fiona Frank started her musical life as a morris dancer/melodeon player and English ceilidh caller.  However Klezmer feeds her Jewish soul so she swapped the limitations of the diatonic melodeon for a fully chromatic English concertina, and converted her ceilidh calling to Klezmer dance through attendance at Kleznorth, Klezfest and Yiddish Summer Weimar.  Since lockdown she's become a Zoom maven in many different settings.

Francesca Ter-Berg

Course Klezmer Jamming (more advanced) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 6 (see schedule above)

Play your own and other people's favourite tunes. You can let Francesca know in advance the tunes you'd like to share/lead via the festival googledrive.

Workshop Pitching ideas / Applying for funding 28 July, Session 4 (see schedule above)

Francesca Ter-Berg is a multi-disciplinary artist. Known for her unique cello playing style, she is a specialist in klezmer music, a songwriter, composer, teacher, ethnographer and improviser. She is one half of the critically acclaimed group Fran & Flora (‘an album of beguiling beauty’ - Clive Bell, The Wire) and has worked with Imogen Heap, Talvin Singh OBE, Sam Lee, Portico Quartet, Frank London (Klezmatics), Alan Bern, London Klezmer Quartet and Cosmo Sheldrake and has performed at Glastonbury Festival, Café Oto, Kings Place, The Royal Festival Hall, WOMAD, KlezKanada, Yiddish Summer Weimar &  KlezFest London. francescaterberg.com, franandflora.com

Frank London

Workshop Pitching ideas / Applying for funding 28 July, Session 4 (see schedule above)

Frank London is a Grammy-award winning trumpeter-composer and co-founder of the Klezmatics. He composed Freylekhs - Klezmer Fantasy for Trumpet & Orchestra; the Yiddish-Cuban opera Hatuey Memory of Fire; the poetry video spectacle Salomé: Woman of Valor; and the song cycle Ghetto Songs. Frank leads Glass House Orchestra, Klezmer Brass Allstars, Shekhina Big Band, Sharabi, Ahava Raba with Yanky Lemmer; has worked with John Zorn, Itzhak Perlman, Pink Floyd, LL Cool J, Mel Tormé, Lester Bowie, LaMonte sYoung, They Might Be Giants, David Byrne; is on over 400 CDs; and has published two books: ‘Klezmer Trumpet Duets” & “Patterns for Klez”.  franklondon.com * klezmatics.com

Guy Schalom
Drums / Dance

Workshop Klezmer Drumming for Dancing 27 July, Session 5 (see schedule above)

Percussionist, dancer and record producer Guy Schalom was described by fROOTS magazine as "one of the most versatile and interesting percussionists working in the UK today." Born in Israel to an Egyptian Jewish family, he is currently based in London. In the Yiddish music sphere, Guy has performed with international recording including artists Frank London, The Klezmatics and David Krakauer. He tours with the 14-piece super group the Other Europeans and is a founding member of the pan-European Klezmer Alliance, Ukrainian village brass band Konsonans Retro, London twisters the Yiddish Twist Orchestra and Mediterranean klezmer funk band HAMSA. Guy is also an internationally recognised klezmer dancer and instructor. He also specialises in Egyptian music and dance, producing festivals and teaching events around the world. Read more on his website, guyschalom.com

Ilana Cravitz
Festival Director / Violin

Workshop Touring a Band - Why? When? How? 29 July, BREAKout session (see schedule above)

Ilana Cravitz is a London-based klezmer fiddler who performs and teaches internationally, enjoys delving into the eastern European Jewish music archive to bring new old material to light, and composes new traditional klezmer tunes. A founding member of the London Klezmer Quartet, she managed and played with the band for 10 years. Her book, 'Klezmer Fiddle - A How-To Guide' is published by Oxford University Press. Ilana leads Klezmer Keilidhs and Yiddish Barn dances and co- directs Hopkele Productions with Guy Schalom, presenting interactive Jewish Dance events with live klezmer music to new audiences. ilanacravitz.com

Ilya Shneyveys

Course Playing Klezmer Dance Music (slower) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 5 (see schedule above)

How does the phrasing of the music influence the movements of the dancers and vice versa? We’ll explore this and other questions, working at a slower pace (even for the faster dances) and going deep into the details. Fun for musicians of every level who like to make dancers dance! Featuring a special appearance by the renowned Yiddish dancer Sarah Myerson (NY) for a hands-and-feet-on demonstration of the music/dance interaction.

Ilya Shneyveys is an international performer, accordionist and multi-instrumentalist, teacher, composer, arranger and producer of contemporary Jewish music of all kinds. He is a founding member of Berlin’s famous Neukölln Klezmer Sessions and Shtetl Neukölln festival, and long-time faculty member at Yiddish Summer Weimar, as well as having taught at most of the world's major Yiddish & klezmer festivals. His Yiddish psychedelic rock band Forshpil (LV-RU-DE) has just released a new album, and he is also a founding member of the Yiddish-Bavarian fusion project Alpen Klezmer (DE), winner of 2014 RUTH World Music Award at TFF Rudolstadt. Originally from Riga, Latvia, Ilya is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. ilya.shneyveys.com

Cantor Jeff Warschauer
Guitar / Mandolin / Voice

Course Playing Klezmer: Language and Accent (slower) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 4 (see schedule above)

Jeff Warschauer is internationally renowned as one of the foremost klezmer mandolinists, as an innovator in the development of a klezmer guitar style, as an expressive Yiddish singer and as a skillful and inspirational educator. He is on the faculty of Columbia University, and is a Founding Artistic Director of KlezKanada. One half of the Strauss/Warschauer Duo, Jeff was a long-time member of the Klezmer Conservatory Band. Jeff serves as Cantor at the Jewish Center of Princeton, NJ. He has also served congregations in New York, Pennsylvania. Maine, Connecticut, Vermont and Ohio.

Josh Middleton

Daily Klezmer Jamming (slower) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 6 (see schedule above)

Play your own and other people's favourite tunes. Let Josh know in advance the tunes you'd like to share via the festival googledrive.

Josh Middleton is an accordionist and composer based in London. He specialises in Klezmer and East European Folk styles, and also plays a wide range of styles such as Scottish/Irish, French Chanson, Manouche Jazz etc. Josh is a founder member of Don Kipper and has worked with other klezmer and Balkan bands including She’koyokh, The London Klezmer Quartet and Raka. He has recorded for artists as diverse as DJ Vadim and Kadialy Kouyate. Josh also works as a composer on the Puppet Theatre Barge, and has written and performed live music for storytelling and films. He has worked with theatre companies such as Footfall Theatre and Nick Cassenbaum Ltd, and is currently working on a production of Paula Vogel’s play ‘Indecent’. joshmiddleton.net

Kurt Bjorling


Course Playing Klezmer: Language and Accent (medium) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 3 (see schedule above)

Kurt Bjorling - clarinet, saxophone, tsimbl - is the director of the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble and member of Brave Old World. Kurt plays many styles of music. He has taught at numerous workshops both in the USA and abroad. He occasionally composes music, builds & repairs musical instruments, and produces written and audio resources for learning klezmer music. muziker.org

Merlin Shepherd

Course Playing Klezmer Dance Music (medium) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 4 (see schedule above)

Merlin Shepherd is one of the world’s leading Klezmer Clarinettists. He has toured throughout Britain and Europe withBudowitz, Frank London’s Klezmer Brass Allstars and his own quintet, Hamsa. Most recently he was Musical Director for Paula Vogel’s “Indecent” at the Menier Chocolate Factory. hamsaquintet.com

Michael Winograd

Workshop Band Skills - The Benefits of Expanded Harmony and Orchestration 29 July, Session 3 (see schedule above)

Join Brooklyn based clarinetist, composer and producer Michael Winograd for a one-off session exploring the benefits and joys of enriched harmony. As Klezmer music developed through the beginning and middle parts of the twentieth century, it was heavily influenced by the popular music of the day that surrounded it. While this is most evident in ensemble instrumentation and style trends, it is also true in the expansion of harmony and orchestration. Clarinetist Sam Musiker was a champion of these developments, and though his catalogue of klezmer recordings is relatively small, they were musically monumental.

In this session we will listen to and explore Sam’s original compositions, his orchestrations for the mostly unreleased Dave Tarras Savoy Sessions, and specifically focus on his masterpiece, the 1956 album TANZ, featuring himself and his father in-law Dave Tarras. We will explore similar harmonic (and perhaps orchestrational) elements in a selection from Michael Winograd’s 2019 album Kosher Style. And lastly we will work on applying these practices using well known traditional repertoire.

All in 75 minutes! Best of luck to us! Please have manuscript paper and a pencil handy, or access to notation software that you are comfortable with. This should be interesting.

In 2019, clarinetist Michael Winograd released his long-awaited LP, Kosher Style, reaffirming his central role in today’s international klezmer landscape. He tours the world performing with his band the Honorable Mentshn, collaborates with Pakistani superstar Zeb Bangash in the group Sandaraa, records and plays with a veritable who’s who of today’s top Klezmer musicians (Frank London, Itzhak Perlman, Geoff Berner, Alicia Svigals, the Klezmer Conservatory Band, Daniel Kahn, to name a few) and appears in stadiums with Vulfpeck. A producer of records, Winograd is also the artistic director of KlezKanada and a founder of the Yiddish New York festival. michaelwinograd.bandcamp.com * michaelwinograd.net


Peter Sint Nicolaas

Daily Klezmer Jamming (medium speed) 27, 28, 29 July, Session 6 (see schedule above)

Play your own and other people's favourite tunes. Let Peter know in advance the tunes you'd like to share via the festival googledrive.

Peter Sint Nicolaas first learned klezmer from the musicians from Dobranotch (Saint Petersburg), and later from Maggid (Ghent). He has participated in various klezmer festivals in Germany, France, England and Belgium as a volunteer and a fellow, and has experience in giving classes in Yiddish music and dance. Peter is leading player in the band Klezmotivn and is currently doing a masters degree in classical trumpet in Ghent, Belgium. Klezmotivn

Susan Hoffman Watts
Film / Trumpet

Film + discussion Eateleh - A Life in Klezmer 29 July, Session 4 (see schedule above)

This film is a biography of drummer Elaine Watts. Her daughter, trumpeter Susan Hoffman Watts, will present the film and chat with the audience.

Elaine Watts (1932 - 2017) was a critically important, feisty, and enduring link to a particular Philadelphia-style Jewish klezmer sound rooted in Ukranian and Romanian traditions. Her award-winning drumming opened new pathways for women and klezmer lovers alike.

Susan Hoffman Watts represents the fourth generation of an important klezmer dynasty that reaches back to the Jewish Ukraine of the 19th century, beginning with her great-grandfather, musician, composer, cornet-player, and poet,  Joseph Hoffman. His son was drummer, xylophonist and pianist, Jacob Hoffman, his grand-daughter Elaine Hoffman Watts, drummer. Susan is the sole living purveyor of the family’s traditional klezmer-style trumpet sounds. susanwattsmusic.com

Tahir Palali

Workshop Broadcasting Music Online With Good Sound 29 July, Session 5 (see schedule above)

How to use OBS Studio to stream high video and sound quality concerts from home.
 At last - what every musician giving online concerts needs to know. We will go through some options to connect your microphone to OBS via audio interface as well as advanced techniques to connect your DAW such as Logic or Cubase. I will also briefly talk about how to monetize your events through Eventbrite or Artistlockdown.com. Workshop participants should download OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/ in advance.

Tahir Palali, a musician, himself, is an integral part of Artist Lockdown, a platform that helps artists setup high quality live performances, with ticket sales, from their living rooms or from one of their partner venues. The founders are passionate musicians looking for an effective solution for fellow musicians world-wide who have been affected by Covid-19 lockdowns. Tahir is working with the artists from the festival to bring you LIVE2020's concerts.

Vivi Lachs

Course Yiddish for Klezmorim 27, 28, 29 July, Session 1 (see schedule above)

In these three short sessions, you will get a quick rundown of some of the Yiddish that klezmer musicians will find useful. You'll find out what Yiddish is and how it's related to klezmer, how to read titles of songs, and to understand the main vocabulary of the dances. We'll look at record labels and get to hear what Yiddish sounded like from different parts of the Yiddish speaking world and you'll get to practice getting your tongue round the gutturals so that you can introduce pieces with confidence.

Vivi Lachs is a Yiddish cultural activist, teacher, historian of the East End and author of Whitechapel Noise. She sings Cockney-Yiddish pop songs with Klezmer Klub and Katsha’nes, co-runs the Yiddish Open Mic Café and the Great Yiddish Parade. katshanes.com

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