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About NKYO

The National Klezmer Youth Orkester links young musicians and their teachers with klezmer professionals in a unique year-round programme that is putting klezmer on the map.


By training teachers, inspiring students and involving experts, we are securing klezmer's future and bringing the toe-tapping and tearful music with roots in Jewish eastern Europe to new audiences. Our programme includes online and in-person learning, performances, interactive resources, and options to support the programmes. Everyone can find their own way to be part of this hugely enjoyable folk/world music tradition and community!

NKYO is for:

  • Young musicians aged 8-18 playing a range of instruments, with differing musical experiences and levels, from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds, based in both urban and rural areas.

  • Music teachers wanting to learn more about klezmer and pass it on to their students, teaching by ear and using music, incorporating elements such as dance and song.

  • Music-lovers keen to support budding klezmorim and help spread the word so klezmer becomes better known and more widely appreciated.​


We provide: 


  • Opportunities for young people from different backgrounds and areas to come together and share musical experiences in a safe and fun learning environment.

  • A community environment that makes learning and supporting klezmer easy.

  • Exciting ways for children to learn and develop music, and exercise creativity in ensembles.

  • Ways for young people to expand their knowledge of different musical genres, repertoire and cultures individually and in groups.

  • Professional development for instrumental teachers.

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