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The Professional

The Professional

15 April 2023


The Questors, Ealing's Theatre

The Questors Theatre, Mattock Lane, London W5 5BQ, UK

A play by Dusan Kovacevic set in 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia, being performed in Farsi. 

Translated and Directed by Iraj Emami.

Teya (Daryoush Alvand) on his birthday, is visited by Luke (Iraj Emami) a taxi driver and former detective for the Tito Era government who has made a career of following and documenting Teya every move for the last 18 years. Luke presents Teya with several volumes of writings, speeches, lectures and poetry he has copied and transcribed from Teya’s actions through the years. Luke also has a suitcase full of hats, toys and personal mementoes he collected while following Teya through the years. We learn much about how intensively totalitarian regimes cover dissidents. Amnesia to thwart bad memories and personal failures. Teya’s real legacy is threatened by Luke’s meticulous documentation of his life.

The 70-minute play involves revelatory exchanges between Teya and Luke that forces Teya to examine his life and his failures as a writer. This unique memory play dissects how we can experience a sort of willed and his words.

With live music onstage.

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