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Klezmer Fiddle: a how to guide

Published by Oxford University Press, this book (with CD) is suitable for anyone wanting new tunes, play-along parts, or ways to explore traditional-style playing.

The book contains 16 tunes in treble clef with chords above the stave for easy accompaniment. Currently in use by clarinet players, oboists, cellists, as well as viola and bass players, the melodies, accompaniments, and tips on playing have appeal and application well beyond violinists!

  • Each tune has a ‘workshop’ on playing in traditional style.

  • There’s also a CD with the complete set of tunes, historical recordings of a selection of the melodies, plus backing tracks you can play along to.

  • The package contains two pull-out booklets with bandstand-style parts for sekund (second violin) and bass players.

Bb, Eb, bass clef and viola clef versions of the melodies are also available as pdfs, for people who purchase the book.

'Klezmer Fiddle, a how to guide' book cover

"Cravitz's book is, without doubt, a very valuable addition to the klezmer canon." - Sophie Solomon, The Strad

"This book is really exciting. ...if you or your higher grade pupils have even a remote interest in the music, order this book and get stuck in immediately - it's one of the best I've seen."

- Sue Rivett, Arco

"It's a must for klezmorim who are seeking to master the art of the klezmer fiddle." - Eric Zaidins, Westchester Klezmer

" invaluable, scholarly and illuminating book/CD, the best exposition I’ve come across of Eastern European-style Jewish fiddle playing. ... this impressive package achieves with great flair the author’s stated aim, ‘to take you beneath the surface of klezmer’. Highly recommended."

- Pete Cooper, Folk Roots Magazine

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