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Yiddish Music in Argentina, 1940s-70s

Ilana Cravitz (London) and Zulema Benveniste (Buenos Aires) are researching Yiddish music in Argentina between the 1940s and 1970s. They are writing and talking about the personalities and music of the musicians of the day, as well as the cultural context surrounding them.

Products so far have been new transcriptions of melodies written by Argentinian klezmorim, and a number of talks, some of which can be viewed online:

Yiddish music of mid-20th-century Argentina - Jevel Katz. Watch now

Klezmer Music in Argentina 1940s-1970s - Introduction. Watch now

Photo (courtesy of Carlos Carluccio): Sergio Feidman Orquesta with Amalia Dalle Mulle on accordion


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